Awesome Sweden Facts

 The Kingdom of Sweden is the official name of Sweden's country. Sweden lies in Northern Europe, bordered to the west by Norway and to the east by Finland. Sweden is connected to Denmark to the south via a bridge tunnel. Before the Middle Ages, the area of Sweden was populated by Germanic tribes known as Vikings. Sweden developed and established the Swedish Empire in the 1600s, becoming one of Europe's major powers in the 1600s and 1700s. Military battles for control of the area raged until the final border dispute was settled in 1814. Sweden has been a neutral country since then.

Interesting facts about Sweden:

Sweden is a country with a total size of 173,745 square miles.

The eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula is covered by Sweden.

Following France and Spain, Sweden is the fourth biggest European nation and the third largest in the European Union.

Stockholm is Sweden's capital city. This is also the biggest city in Sweden.

Sweden had a population of about 9,500,000 people in 2012.

The krona is Sweden's monetary unit.

Swedish is the most widely spoken language in Sweden, with minority speaking Sami and Finnish.

Sweden's government is a constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy.

Despite the fact that Sweden is a neutral nation that has not been engaged in a war since 1814, Swedish people over the age of 19 are required to serve in the military for 15 months.

Sweden has 53 percent wooded land.

Mountains cover 11% of Sweden's land area.

In Sweden, there are about 100,000 lakes.

Machinery, telecommunications and electronics, paper, medicines, food goods, iron, steel, and petroleum products are all major exports from Sweden.

As of 2006, Sweden has won 588 Olympic medals in both the winter and summer games.

Sweden has the highest proportion of working moms of any industrialized nation on the planet. This implies that in Sweden, 76 percent of moms work. When a mother or father has a child, they are granted 480 days off work.

When it comes to assistance to impoverished and developing nations, Sweden is the most charitable country on the planet.

Sweden has won 30 Nobel Prizes by 2012. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to five of them.

Sweden is expected to be the first nation to replace gasoline with biofuel.

Volvo and Saab are two automobile companies based in Sweden.

IKEA, a well-known furniture retailer, was established in 1943 in Sweden and now has shops in numerous countries across the globe.

The Nordstan retail mall is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is Europe's biggest retail mall.

The Stockholm Globe Arena has the world's biggest scale replica of the Solar System. It is also the world's biggest hemispheric structure.

ABBA, Ace of Base, and The Cardigans are just a few of the well-known Swedish artists and bands. Sweden is the world's third biggest music exporter, behind only the United States and the United Kingdom.

Swedish meatballs, which are typically served with sauce, are one of the many dishes popular throughout the globe that originated in Sweden.

Ice hockey, soccer, handball, gymnastics, cross-country skiing, and golf are all prominent sports in Sweden.


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