Awesome Germany Facts

 There are 16 states that make up the Federal Republic of Germany, or Germany as it is known throughout the globe. Berlin is the country's capital and biggest city. With a population of about 80.5 million inhabitants, Germany is the most populous country in the European Union. Germanic tribes are thought to have existed as far back as the Nordic Bronze Age. Prior to AD 100, the Romans recorded Germania, but by the end of the fourth century AD, German tribes had taken control. The German Federation was founded in 1815, and the Federal Republic was established in 1949, after the World Wars.

Fascinating facts about Germany:

Poland, Denmark, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg are all bordered by Germany.

Gold, crimson, and black are the colors of Germany's flag.

Freising, Bavaria, is home to the world's oldest brewery. It's the Weihenstephaner Brewery, which dates back to 1040 when it was founded as a monastery brewery operated by monks.

Oldenburg, Germany, is home to the world's oldest savings bank, which was founded in 1786.

The Ulm Cathedral in Germany is the world's tallest cathedral, standing at 530 feet.

Schwarzwald and Schonach in Germany are home to the world's two largest cuckoo clocks.

Germany is the world's biggest exporter of products and the world's second-largest automobile manufacturer, behind only Japan.

Germany has about 20,000 wind turbines, making it one of the world's biggest wind energy producers.

In Germany, there are about 5,700 museums.

In Germany, there are about 1,300 breweries. They produce about 5,000 distinct types of beer.

In terms of beer consumption, Germans are second only to Czechs.

Germany is home to the world's youngest billionaire. He is believed to be worth $1.9 billion in the United States.

About a quarter of all Americans have some German heritage.

German is the most widely spoken language in Germany.

The German motto is Einigkeit, Recht, and Freiheit, which translates to "Unity, Justice, and Freedom."

Because of the large number of authors, inventors, and scientists who were born in Germany, it is frequently referred to as Land der Dichter und Denker, or Land of Poets and Thinkers.

Albert Einstein, like the Grimm brothers, was a German.

Germans are renowned for their delectable cuisine. Many of their delicacies, like as black forest cake and sauerkraut, and sausage, are still famous throughout the globe today.

Swimming, skiing, tennis, and football are the most popular sports in Germany (soccer).

Oktoberfest, the world's largest fair, is hosted each year in Munich, Germany. It lasts 16 days and is well-known for the beer and cuisine provided throughout the event.

During Oktoberfest, about 7 million liters of beer are served.

Poultry, beef, and pig are the most popular meats in Germany. Game meats such as deer, rabbit, and boar are other favorites.

Heidelberg University, the world's oldest university, is located in Germany. It was founded in 1386.

Famous German composers include Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Georg Friedrich Handel, and Johann Sebastian Bach.

Karl Marx was one of several prominent German thinkers.

Insulin was discovered by Germans.

The light bulb, the calculator, and the jet engine were all invented by Germans.


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